Create cartography and route profiles, design template, generate content, source information, copy and photographs


Route mapping scale: 1:110,000

Town centres scale: 1:10,000

Folds to 125mm x 235mm

Sold in plastic wallet

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.13.04.png

This is a UK-wide series of long-distance cycle route maps devised for Sustrans utilising their National Cycle Network. Each challenging ride is succinctly mapped at 1:110,000 scale and is broken-down and laid out into more manageable sections for the user. The route is clearly identified using mile-markers and shows facilities and features on or near the route. The mile-markers are incrementally numbered if the route is linear, and not numbered if alternative routes are available or the route is more of a network.


The maps are packed with useful information for the cyclist, including locations of nearby bike shops and Tourist Information Centres, as well as a written overview of each section and even details on how to get there. Convenient route profiles for every section allow the user to foresee the climbs and judge the terrain, while on the map itself contour areas are colour-coded into 100 metre bands. Larger-scale 1:10,000 town centre maps allow the user to easily navigate the more complicated urban areas.


On the back covers, overview maps show the extent of the mapping and the route's location in the wider context of the UK. To date there are currently 19 titles in the range and it is constantly being updated and enlarged, and over 30,000 copies have been sold.

"Sustrans uses FourPoint Mapping to produce its official Route Map series that depict iconic cycling routes in a linear format that
are clear, informative and accessible."

Julian Hall

Director of Retail & Fundraising