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Thurrock Council


Cartography and design for detailed borough-wide cycle map


Provide consultation, cartography and design for new cycle map using data captured in recent extensive cycle-route and infrastructure audit


A1 double-sided map 

(Western half on one side,

Eastern half on the other)

Folds to 1/3A4 (48pp)

1:16,000 scale

Overview map

thurrock header.jpg

At a scale of 1:16,000 this double-sided A1 map goes into great detail regarding the types and locations of routes and infrastructure available to cyclists within the borough of Thurrock, Essex.

Following an exhaustive audit commissioned by Thurrock Council, FourPoint Mapping were approached to create an entirely new cycle map that would display their comprehensive cycling data in the clearest and most useable way possible. There then followed a lengthy period of consultation between the council and ourselves until the best way to present that data was agreed upon. Once a sample area was finalised, the classifications, styles and colours were rolled-out across the rest of the mapping.


The latest Ordnance Survey data was blended with the client's data to create a cycle map that combines simplicity and clarity with extreme user-friendliness enabling cyclists to navigate the borough with ease. Roads are colour-graded in terms of their 'Bikeability', while cycle paths are categorised in four ways. Other information such as whether cycle-parking is sheltered, where bikeshops are located or cycle hire is available, is all clearly shown, as are the locations of crossing points, educational sites and selected visitor attractions.

Visually, the emphasis is very much on directing attention towards the available cycling infrastructure and recommended routes by using stronger colours, while the busiest roads (trunk roads and motorways) and less important geographical features are muted. Roads deemed suitable for most cyclists are coloured as pale-yellow, while those more suitable for experienced cyclists are pale-orange, and roads regarded as suitable for very experienced cyclists are coloured pale-pink.

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