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BCP Council

(Bournemouth, Christchurch &

Poole Council)


Bespoke cartography for series of urban wayfinding totems in Poole and Christchurch


Create cartography, 3D-illustrations and signage for 45 double-sided totems showing tourist, cycling, transport, parking and shopping information. Oversee production of printed PETG inserts


x90 heads-up maps

Scale 1:1,000 with false norths

x90 headers with destinations and overview maps

x200+ 3D-illustrations of local landmarks or buildings

Printed on PETG inserts

final sample_edited.jpg

FourPoint Mapping created, illustrated and oversaw production of the mapping and signage for 25 urban totems for Poole town centre and 20 for Christchurch as part of BCP Council's re-generation of their waymarking systems.


The top panels indicate the direction of travel to many areas and landmarks, and suggest to the user how long it will take to walk or cycle to those destinationsPoole's top panels feature an overview map which places the user in the wider context of the town, and shows the coverage and orientation of the main map below.


The totems are double-sided and all feature heads-up mapping at a scale of 1:1,000. The detailed cartography of the 90 different panels (printed on PETG) features useful information for cyclists, pedestrians, shoppers and tourists, such as cycling infrastructure, crossings, public transport information, car parks, attractions, landmarks, shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants. The Christchurch mapping panels each include a vintage photo of the totem's location and a little about the area's history. On all inserts a handy isochrone lets users know roughly how far they can walk in five minutes from that totem, and there are more than 200 3D-illustrations of 14 notable Poole and Christchurch landmarks across the 90 maps, all drawn by FourPoint Mapping, and all viewed in the correct orientation.

In the case of both towns the basemaps we created were repurposed to print A3 tear-off pads for use in their Tourist Information Centres.

"BCP Council has been delighted with FourPoint's recent cartography for our new wayfinding totems in Poole. We have received great feedback from residents and visitors about the clarity of the 'heads up' mapping. It is easy to read and includes detailed 3D drawings of key buildings and bridges across the town. The project was delivered on time and on budget to a demanding timescale."

Nick Phillips CMILT

Accessibility Team Leader Growth & Infrastructure

BCP Council

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