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Cartography Rocks! (Geddit?)

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Colourful, large and packed with data. Not one of ours, but here at FourPoint Mapping we just *heart* maps. And this one's a beauty needing a share. Recently picked up the Geological Survey of the British Isles: the southern-half from a 2nd-hand bookshop, and the northern-half via a well-known internet auction site. One's a paper reprint from 1964, but the other's an original from 1957 backed in Mull Cloth. And they're both gorgeous.

You'd hope that 99.99% of the data is still current, but a disappointingly large area round Wester Ross is "not surveyed in detail". By now (nearly 60 years later) you'd have hoped it has been been. Grace, the office cat, was caught investigating the key at length. Who knew the Shetlands were so geologically complex? And here's what has to be the world's dullest inset map; the geological survey of the islet of Rona at a scale of 1:625,000 or one inch = 10 miles.

Cartography Rocks! (Geddit?)


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