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Cartography for guidebook of the long-distance cycle route across northern France 'Veloscenic'


Create comprehensive cartography at three different scales for 130-page book showing continuous route from Paris to Le Mont St-Michel


x 10 large-scale maps

x 37 maps at 1:100,000

x 1 sitemap of Le Mont St-Michel

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 16.35.28.png

The Veloscenic is a recently set up major French cycle route. It follows 450km of well-signposted cycle tracks, greenways and country roads, transporting the user from Paris to the Mont St-Michel, passing by the Eiffel Tower, Chartres Cathedral, or even the Château de Versailles. Accessible to all, the route crosses four French regions, eight départements (or counties) and three regional natural parks.


FourPoint Mapping was commissioned to provide the cartography for the long-distance cycle route from Paris to Le Mont St-Michel via Versailles and with a few spurs to nearby towns and alternative detours along the way. Immense OpenStreetMap datasets were used to create a basemap at 1:100,000 of the entire 280-mile area, and a GPX trail of the route was imposed onto it. The 37 individual overlapping export areas were then generated from it, and 10 separate town centre insets at 1:10,000 were created to provide the user with greater clarity when following the route through urban environments. A handy site-map of Le Mont St-Michel was also made at 1:2,750 showing all necessary tourist points and even steps.

"The maps look great - very happy with these so thanks for all your efforts. All placed in the book with

no issues - thanks for a great job."

Richard Peace


Excellent Books

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