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Cathedral & Church Buildings Division


Walking map covering area of central London 


Cartography and design; map highlighting a walking route enabling users to discover some of London’s most historic chapels


A4 folding to DL (3 panels)

Scale: 1:7,000

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 16.23.56.png

We were commissioned to create a map and design as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Canon Clarke Project. Volunteers leafed through the pages of Canon Clarke’s notebooks to create a journey of discovery through the history of the chapels found nestled between London’s many streets.


A simplified basemap, created with a restricted palette and muted tones, gives geographic context. The clarity of this basemap allows route alignment and the chapel locations to be clearly seen, providing ease of navigation. Other locations, including refreshment opportunities, are highlighted and referenced within the key. Text and images provide further information. Cartography and design combine to create a simple and user-friendly leaflet, offering clear navigation through busy London streets, enabling users to enjoy this journey of discovery.

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