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Cycle Republic


In-store wall map displays


Create cartography and provide full-size PDF for every Cycle Republic store in the UK featuring the store's location at the centre and nearby National Cycle Network


Various sizes, but on average:

c.2m x 3m

Scale: 1: 2,900

CycleRepublic main pic copy.jpg

We create the in-store display maps for the bikeshop chain 'cycle republic'. Behind the counter in every one of their branches in the UK there is a wall map of the relevant town or city, with the store's location marked at the book-centre. Each map is bespoke but the same colour scheme, symbols and scale is used across the range to maintain an identity - only the dimensions change, but reach from ceiling to floor and sometimes span over four metres wide. Obstructions like returns in the wall or ceiling-level ducts need to be taken into account so as not to obscure the title panel or key.

Typically, the maps illustrate the store's location centrally on the map with the National Cycle Network and other useful traffic-free paths shown in relation to it. Green spaces, railway stations, hospital, schools and other important sites are also shown.

Store locations for which we have provided the mapping include Liverpool, Gateshead, Derby, Reading, Canary Wharf, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton.

"Thanks again for your support in providing a map for Canary Wharf before Christmas - looks great, thanks for the swift turn around."

"Thanks again for your support in providing a map for Glasgow shop in April... the map is great".

Charlie Foulkes

Cycle Republic Brand Manager

Halfords Group plc

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