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Design and produce book of 150 family-friendly short rides across the UK on the NCN; Devise suitable styles for and create 150 individual maps


x 150 route maps

Scales: 1:20,000 to 1:290,000

Overview maps

344pp perfect-bound A5 book with throw-out cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.52.01.png

'Traffic-Free Cycle Rides' is a best-selling book of 150 short, family-friendly rides in the UK on the National Cycle Network written by WendyJohnson on behalf of the publishers, Sustrans. FourPoint Mapping designed the book itself and created all the cartography. Our challenge was to ensure all route maps fitted within the printing constraints of an A5 portrait page, despite the differing lengths (from three to 32 miles). Given that all the rides were sign-posted on the ground, a system of simplified map-styling was devised to work consistently at any scale, from 1:20,000 to 1:290,000. 

The book was divided into 10 colour-coded regions using earthy tones - dark blue for Scotland, green for the East of England etc - and the relevant colour was also used on the mapping. A muted palette was employed for the simplified basemaps in order to let the route colours stand out. The same clear, sans-serif font family was used throughout the book for both map detail and text.

Using a one-ride-per-spread approach, a successful page grid allowed for headings, text, maps, panels and pictures. We used pull-quotes and over 200 colour images to highlight the appeal of the various routes and engage the reader. Other useful features such as cycle hire, transport, eateries, accommodation and attractions were also included. Overview maps were used at the beginning of the chapters showing each numbered route's location in the wider context of the region. This book has been reprinted several times, which demonstrates its popularity with the cycling community and how successful it is at promoting Sustrans’ National Cycle Network.  

"FourPoint Mapping have been Sustrans' cartographers of choice for over 20 years now. They fully understand our needs, aims and objectives, and consistently deliver the high-quality mapping - on budget and on time - that all our retail products require."

Julian Hall

Director of Retail & Funding


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