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Design and produce series of *56 UK-wide maps of the entire National Cycle Network

*(3 titles are download-only)


x 56 regional maps

792mm x 630mm, folding to
99mm x 157mm (32 

Scales: 1:110,000 and  1:10,000

Overview maps, town centre insets and individual 'day rides'

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.12.36.png

Sustrans commissioned FourPoint Mapping to create a series of regional maps which showcased their entire 14,000-mile long National Cycle Network (NCN). As a result, we produced a series of 56 maps at 1:110,000 covering the whole of the UK which are colloquially known as the 'Red Tops'. Each manageable 792 x 630mm sheet folds to a handy pocket-size and covers an area of 6,125 square kilometres. The base-mapping features 5km grid-squares and contour lines at every 10 metres which are banded into 100-metre coloured backgrounds. Public roads and railways are shown, and the NCN is clearly marked in dark-green for traffic-free sections, purple for on-road, while useful on-road ‘linking routes’ are shown in yellow.


Every map in the series features a number of town centre insets at 1:10,000 revealing the urban NCN in greater detail, and usually shows the best link to the railway station and the NCN. The map covering central London is mapped at 1:15,000 and features extra information such as bike-hire points, ferry crossing times and London's Cycle Superhighways. The series includes download-only versions of the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland. Northern Ireland was projected in Irish National Grid, and the five maps covering Wales are bi-lingual. Most of the 56 titles also feature three to five circular, short ‘day rides’ highlighting the cycling opportunities on offer in the area.


The maps are packed with useful information for the cyclist including the location of bike shops and Tourist Information Centres, notable routes, attractions and accommodation in the area. All maps in the range were designed to the same template, are constantly being updated, and are now printed on water- and tear-resistant paper. These maps have proved extremely popular and, to date, Sustrans have sold well over 100,000 copies.

"FourPoint Mapping has worked exclusively with Sustrans to map the National Cycle Network in its entirety. The resulting collection of 56 Regional Cycle maps is still a best seller, testament to the quality of the mapping and overall design of FourPoint Mapping."

Julian Hall

Director of Retail & Funding


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