Dorset County Council and

Weymouth Town Council


Bespoke cartography for series of wayfinding urban monoliths


Create cartography and illustrations for 5 double-sided monoliths sited around
Weymouth town centre showing tourist, transport and shopping



x 10 heads-up maps with false norths

x 5 overview maps showing coverage of each monolith

x 12 illustrations

FourPoint Mapping created the cartography for five wayfinding monoliths sited in Weymouth, enabling visitors to explore the town and to provide them with useful cycling, walking, tourist and public transport information.


When standing in front of the monolith, to allow the viewer to easily orientate themselves, ‘heads-up’ mapping was created for each side, which in most cases required a false-north. Isochrones on each monolith gave an indication of how long it takes to travel to certain destinations on foot or by bicycle. We also created overview maps, illustrating the total area covered on both sides of each monolith. The cartography was created using a variety of data sources, but primarily OS Master Map under licence. Tourist and shopping areas were colour-coded to differentiate them from the rest of the buildings. Car parks, bus stops and cycle routes were also featured.


We created a series of illustrations of famous Weymouth landmarks for each monolith, adding extra visual interest to the maps. Based on our client’s original photographs, the illustrations have a graphic quality, using colours that are in-keeping with the maps’ distinctive palette. This combination of illustration and cartography provides both visitors and residents with attractive and informative maps, allowing for easy exploration.

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